Hi. My name is Eric.

This website is a collection of my unpublished short fiction and criticism. The fiction will most likely be strange, and the criticism will most likely focus on movies. I called it No Character Is Safe because it’s something I try to remember when writing. No character is safe in a story, and no character should be.

If reading isn’t your thing, you can always listen to me on one of my two podcasts on the Major Casts Network! You can hear me talk about anime with my friend Liam on the Shmanime Podcast, or you can let me tell you historical stories of massive incompetence on Big Time Whoopsies.

I’m hoping the posts will be varied and revealing enough for you to form your own opinions about my personality, but if you’re looking for a testimonial, here’s a fun story: one time, somebody asked one of my high school teachers what my spirit animal would be. She replied: “Something reptilian, because there’s no natural warmth there.”

I really like that story. It plays well at parties.