“Not the knife, boy, I want to look presentable at the funeral.” “What then? What do I use if not the knife?” “You’re going to use your hands. You need to feel this in your flesh, in your bones. You must feel it when you take a life.” “I don’t want to take a life.” … Continue reading Emperor

Jim’s Art Experience

1:41 PM. The eyes had been blue but he knew they were really gray. They stared at him as he climbed the hill. Music had heralded a beginning. Colorful, ineloquent, they had appeared, and instantly, he had understood them. Their faces were like babies’ so babies could see them; their bodies were lumpy and ill … Continue reading Jim’s Art Experience

Exhibit 34b

Address to the Board of Naval Research Dr. [Name Withheld.] Recovered From the Transcription by Mrs. [Name withheld.] [Undated.]      Investigator’s Note: This is the last of the documents salvaged from the Institute. By the time we had made it to the stenographer’s office, she had had advance warning and was attempting to burn all … Continue reading Exhibit 34b